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About Fist First Athletics

Fist First Athletics was launched with the intent of providing quality sporting apparel at extremely affordable prices, with a no hassle purchasing system. Our dedicated staff here at Fist First has spent endless months researching, meeting, and speaking with many of the CEO’s/managers that run some of the industries most successful apparel companies. We’ve also reached out to a couple of the “not so successful” businesses that couldn’t survive the market. We figure, maybe we can learn from some of their mistakes and make sure Fist First avoids those downfalls. So we really try to cover both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.


Launching our Company has been, and is a continuous learning experience. Although Fist First Athletics is definatley on the right road, we are always open to suggestions that can improve our company. We pride ourselves on honesty, quality merchandise, and great prices. At Fist First the customer is truly our #1 priority. So check out some of our stuff, we are constantly updating and adding new products to our shop. So keep checking back for updates if you cant find an item you want, or email us if you have any questions. Thanks!


-Duane Scollard






David Branch

185lbs Fighting For:
Shark Fights


Keith Jardine

185lbs Fighting For:


Jamie Varner

155lbs Fighting For:


Derek Brunson

185lbs Fighting For:


Ricco Rodriguez

220lbs Fighting For:
Shark Fights & Bellator


Matt Horwich

185lbs Fighting For:
Shark Fights